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LiDAR sensors at Solectric – multiple application scenarios

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LiDAR stands for Light imaging detection and ranging. This refers to a radar method for optical distance measurement. While conventional radar systems use radio waves, LiDAR works with a laser/light beam. The emitted light pulse is reflected by the striking object, detected by our receiver unit and evaluated. The more precisely the received signal is…

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How to digitalize a school?

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Solectric is not the only one to deal with this topic; the current issue of the +3 magazine in the Süddeutsche Zeitung is also dedicated to this question. As usual, opinion leaders from politics, science and the public as well as readers have their say. The wide-ranging discussion addresses many key factors: early education in…

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Solectric Industrial Solutions Video

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Solectric is your partner when it comes to industrial solutions: from powerful tools for security agencies or fire departments, to systems for industrial use, to drone defense – we offer the widest range of drone solutions and thus ensure the greatest customer satisfaction. At the same time, we have in-depth knowledge and experience with lidar…

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