We offer our customers innovative and high-quality everyday companions in an attractive price range. From the cordless vacuum cleaner from Dreame (Xiaomi Group) to the Creative Controller from TourBox. Rideet, the smart assistant for motorcycles and the PTZ webcam “Tiny” from Obsbot.

The AI-powered Obsbot Tiny PTZ webcam delivers high-quality video for livestreams, online lectures, and video calls/conferences. With plug-and-play, autoframe, gesture control and 2-axis gimbal, it’s versatile.

THE ULITMATIVE CONTROLLER FOR CREATIVES – The innovative Creative Controllers from TourBox increase working efficiency in many areas such as image/audio and film editing, graphic design and drawing. They convince thanks to ergonomic design, easy operation and personalizable button functions.

CHANGE THE WAY YOU RIDE – RIDEET is the first intelligent assistant for motorcycles with advanced features such as performance measurement, theft protection, accident detection, maintenance management and much more.

Dreame, a subsidiary of Xioami, develops cordless battery vacuum cleaners as well as vacuum robots at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.