We offer our customers innovative and high-quality everyday companions in an attractive price range. From the AI-assisted PTZ webcam from the Obsbot brand to the creative controller from TourBox and graphics and drawing tablets from XP-Pen.

Obsbot’s AI-controlled PTZ webcams deliver high-quality video for livestreams, online lectures, and video calls/conferences. With plug-and-play, autoframe, and gesture control, they are versatile.

THE ULITMATIVE CONTROLLER FOR CREATIVES – The innovative Creative Controllers from TourBox increase working efficiency in many areas such as image/audio and film editing, graphic design and drawing. They convince thanks to ergonomic design, easy operation and personalizable button functions.

CHANGE THE WAY YOU RIDE – RIDEET is the first intelligent assistant for motorcycles with advanced features such as performance measurement, theft protection, accident detection, maintenance management and much more.

XP-PEN Artist Pro 16TP

XP-PEN is a professional and reliable supplier of graphic and drawing tablets, as well as pens and much more.