Livestreaming & 360° VR products

Teaching methods with live streaming and Virtual Reality (VR) – Augmented Reality (AR) are becoming increasingly popular in the corporate learning environment.

Livestreaming & 360° VR Produkte

Why does one need a VR camera? Be it in lecture halls, in hospitals, or at the office – VR cameras are always at the fore during seminars or video conferences. By creating an immersive environment, practical experiences can be conveyed in a way that has never existed before.

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Saramonic Blink 500 Mikrofon

Ultra-compact 2.4GHz two-channel wireless microphone system with lavalier technology, ideal for meetings, reports, live streaming, and many other areas of application. Thanks to its detailed, broadcast-quality sound, the microphone is ideally suited for use in professional environments.

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The Obsbot Tiny series are AI-powered PTZ webcams that offer users exciting new capabilities and deliver high-quality video for livestreams, online lectures, video calls and conferences. Among others, they supported TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, Zoom, Skype, Twitch,…

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PC mit einer Obsbot Tiny Webcam beim Streaming einer Person

Obsbot Tiny is an AI-powered PTZ webcam that offers users exciting new possibilities and delivers high-quality video recordings for live streams, online performances, and video calls/conferences. Among other applications, it supports TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Skype, Twitch…

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