Inspect – Document – Evaluate

More and more companies in the energy sector are using drones, because they are the ideal tool for quickly and easily checking whether plants are in proper working condition – this is an enormous relief, especially at large plants.

The following are just some of the advantages of using a drone in the energy sector: effective and inexpensive inspection of plants, reduced personnel expenditure on surveillance, high degree of flexibility, high-resolution close-up images, no disconnection times.

Drohnen bei der Aufnahme eines Stromnetzes

The inspection of power poles and other infrastructure in this sector is usually associated with huge risks. That’s why our drones take on these tasks for you. Because they don’t just reach the respective location much more quickly, they also eliminate the chance of an inspector being put at risk. In other words: a huge time save and safety improvement.

Solarinspektion mit einer Drohne

Defects on solar panels are hard to detect. A reduction in functional efficiency can only be detected through a deviating thermal signature. Solectric has the ideal drone solutions for this; our drones are equipped with a thermal imaging camera from the market leader FLIR. This means that entire parks can be covered in a very short timeframe and damages can be detected immediately.

Wärmebildaufnahme eines Kraftwerks

Easily monitor power plants, cooling towers, and industrial boiler systems with our drones. Save money, minimize expenditure, and easily and conveniently take professional pictures from all angles.

Windräder mit einer Drohne

Wind turbines must be inspected on a regular basis. This process is very time-consuming and requires the plant to be shut down while the inspection is carried out. For this scenario, Solectric offers drone solutions with cameras that have a 30x optical zoom. Using these cameras, the inspection will not only be more efficient in terms of time, it can also be carried out while a plant is in operation.

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