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Motorradfahrer auf dem Motorrad in einer Kurve

Rideet One: Start the season safely with the smart assistant

1024 427 Solectric GmbH

Spring is getting closer and closer and the anticipation of the motorcycle season is spreading. Many motorcycle fans are slowly getting down to work and getting their beloved bike out of hibernation. In the future, the small and smart black box from Rideet could provide support. Rideet One can be easily installed by the user…

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Motorrad Fahrer auf einem Motorrad

Rideet One: The first smart assistant with theft protection and eCall feature for motorcycles

1024 683 Solectric GmbH

Rideet is the developer and manufacturer of the first networked and intelligent assistant for motorcycles of all brands. Called Rideet One, the assistant turns motorcycles into smart bikes that reliably provide their owners with all data and information. In addition, the AI-controlled sensors trigger emergency messages to defined numbers in the event of an accident,…

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