We were the first company in Germany to receive a drone LUC certification

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Drones / GDDC GmbH (Solectric Holding) – the first company in Germany with the LUC – Light UAS Operator Certificate

GDDC GmbH (German Dynamic Drone Center), part of Solectric Drone Holding, is the first company in Germany and one of the first in Europe to receive the LUC certification ( Light UAS Operator Certificate ) for drones. This certification by EASA meets the highest standards and gives the company the ability to perform complex drone operations, and to authorize flights under its own responsibility.

On September 19, 2023, GDDC’s certification for the LUC category was approved by the German Luftfahrtbundesamt (LBA). This is the first company in Germany to receive this type of certification. To obtain it, GDDC had to go through a long and complicated formal process and audits that verified the company’s professionalism and resources for conducting complex drone operations with an approved Safety Compliance Management by the LBA.

What is LUC certification?

According to the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) website: “LUC is an optional operating certificate, the acquisition of which guarantees its holder certain privileges. The highest privilege may be the ability to start operations at a specific location without having to obtain an operating license from the aviation authority (in the case of Germany: LBA). The availability of the LUC certificate means maximum opportunities for drone services and operations under safe conditions.” A LUC certificate saves many man-hours required to register a flight beyond the “open drone” category widely used in Germany, and also speeds up the formal process by weeks, which delays many drone operations due to permit requirements. Importantly, the LUC certificate is valid and accepted by all aviation authorities in the European Union, and minimum requirements must be met for its use in countries other than Germany.

How is the certificate used?

The certificate is used by the GDDC for providing drone services, such as legally required inspection of solar installations according to DIN IEC/TS 62 446-3 ( VDE V 126-23-3, etc. with drones like the DJI Matrice 350 RTK in high risk areas – i.e. all those areas where you cannot fly in the open category The drone service industry has gained a new tool and new opportunities. Previously, flying professional heavy drones in many places was very limited and required months of effort to obtain approval from the LBA. With LUC certification, this time can be reduced by 95% – from several months to just a few days. As a result, many tasks can be completed in less time.

The company wants to share its experience and invites other companies and drone pilots to join. Once they are properly trained and join the GDDC, they can fly themselves with the LUC certificate. Of course, under the supervision of the GDDC’s Inspection and Licensing Department, The partnership with the GDDC and Solectric Holding is therefore a great opportunity for anyone who wants to conduct BVLOS drone flights (beyond line of sight) at an altitude of more than 120 meters above sea level or transport goods by drone

The LUC certificate also opens up great opportunities for the other Solectric Holding companies. Thanks to the cooperation with GDDC, Pro Fly Center GmbH, the only DJI – drone academy in Germany authorized by DJI, the leading provider of DJI license training in Germany, will be able to offer training services for A2, special category and inspection, photogrammetry (DJI training) and BOS at unprecedented conditions. Epotronic GmbH, a company specializing in the photogrammetry, energy and surveying markets, will be able to assist its customers in obtaining the necessary permits to fly frequently in high-risk areas. Drone Parts GmbH, specializing in security sector entities (police, uniformed services), will offer legal solutions to facilitate tasks and improve public safety with drones. And global drone manufacturer DJI will be able to develop its products in the European market through its main company, Solectric GmbH, which is one of the largest drone distributors in Europe, so that drones will support us even more in our daily lives.

Certification will also be extremely important for the use of automated drone systems such as the DJI Dock. With this system, the drone performs planned tasks completely automatically and without human intervention. Because these are out-of-visibility flights that go well beyond the category of simple OPEN flights, approval from aviation regulators was required for each location where the system is used. With the LUC certificate, the air regulatory approvals, can be created in-house and approved by the company itself. This allows the system to be installed and used much more quickly.

The future is today

The drone industry is growing rapidly across Europe. Drones are no longer just devices for filming and photography. They are now tools used in industry, surveying or security. The use of drones significantly supports the work of police, firefighters, rescue services, construction or surveying companies. With the increasing specialization of drones, the safety of their use must also be improved. LUC certification in the hands of a German company will certainly raise the entire drone industry in Germany to a new level.

The next opportunity to talk about the possibilities of the LUC certificate and also about cooperation opportunities will be at Intergeo in Berlin (10.10.2023 – 12.10.2023) at Solectric’s booth.About Solectric Group:

Solectric Holding Group was founded in 2020 and brings together drone companies specializing in specific areas. This allows us to offer drone users in the DACH countries the best drone solutions – from equipment, training and services to consulting and maintenance. The Solectric Holding Group includes:

– Solectric GmbH – distributor of consumer and industrial versions of DJI drones. One of the largest drone distributors throughout Europe.

– Drone Parts GmbH – a company specializing in DJI solutions in the field of public safety – such as police and rescue services.

– Epotronic GmbH – a company specializing in DJI solutions for the surveying and energy sectors

– Pro Fly Center GmbH – the official DJI academy in Germany. Specializing in basic drone training, A2 licensing, STS (coming soon), certified training for BOS, and inspection and photogrammetric training. He also serves customers looking for complete solutions: DJI equipment along with training and additional services.

– GDDC GmbH – a designated testing center of the LBA and DJI dealer in Northern Germany. A company specialized in cooperation and reception of other drone companies or drone pilots, with preparation of operating permits and training of pilots in the special category in the onshore & offshore area, as well as offering complex drone services, especially in the energy sector but also on automated drone systems like the DJI Dock.