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DJI FlyCart 30 pushes traditional logistical boundaries. Transport drones play a crucial role in supply chain optimization in the logistics industry by delivering cargo quickly and cost-effectively. This not only provides a safe, economical and efficient air transportation solution, but also reduces CO2 emissions.

Heavy payloads, long range

Maximum payload of up to 30 kg | Flight distance of up to 28 km | Maximum speed of up to 20 m/s

Built for extreme conditions

Max. Flight altitude of up to 6,000 m | Operating temperature -20 °C to 45 °C | Wind speed resistance 12 m/s

Strong signal

Video transmission with O3 of 20 km | Improved 4G video transmission | Dual operation mode | High-resolution FPV gimbal camera

Advanced safety and smart functions

IP55 protection and corrosion resistance | Dual radar, dual binocular vision, intelligent obstacle detection | Dual batteries and parachute

Practical configurations

Foldable | EPP case with 70 l capacity | Winch system

Fully automated operation

DJI Pilot 2 | DJI DeliveryHub | Health Management System


Much more than just a goods transportation drone

Find, protect, rescue: FlyCart 30 also provides support in public safety and disaster management. Here in particular, conventional means of transportation are often severely restricted (earthquakes, floods, etc.). It is a powerful tool for emergency services thanks to the real-time information that can be called up or the transportation of urgently needed relief supplies. Medical care is also guaranteed, as medicines, blood samples or even organs can be transported quickly, and it is precisely this rapid delivery that can mean the difference between life and death when saving human lives.

Check, document, inspect: DJI FlyCart 30 also plays an interesting role in infrastructure/construction, as building on rough, mountainous terrain in particular presents a major challenge. It enables access to undeveloped terrain in an economically efficient, flexible and low-emission way, thus optimizing the entire process, improving safety and reducing costs.

DJI FlyCart 30 is now available. Click here for more information.