Drones in the B2B sector: a wide range of applications

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Even if many people initially think of drones as impressive photos from new perspectives for private use, high-performance drones have long since arrived in industrial and public applications. They provide valuable assistance in public safety/BOS, surveying, building and plant inspections and in many other scenarios. They are among the most versatile innovations of the century.

This raises the question for many companies and organizations as to whether and how they can use drone applications for their own purposes. It is not uncommon for there to be initial skepticism about the technology. New technologies are not initially well received by many people. They give rise to worries and fears. This initial scepticism usually changes when companies and organizations begin to explore the technology with a thirst for knowledge. It can raise important questions and serve to develop innovations, open up new paths for business and thus enable progress.

The range of possible applications for drones is far from exhausted. Whether flying at high altitudes, sub-zero temperatures, extreme heat, rain, sand or missions that require longer ranges, the robust design of modern drones enables applications that were previously hardly possible, only under difficult conditions, with great effort and high costs.

Acceptance of drone missions using the example of various use cases

Public safety / BOS

Drone applications offer immense advantages for public safety: The BOS emergency services (BOS = authorities and organizations with security tasks) can respond effectively with the insights gained from a bird’s eye view and provide help where it is needed most urgently. The emergency team quickly gains an overview of the situation and can coordinate operations with minimal risk. The team acts with confidence.

A typical example is firefighting. With the help of drones, firefighters can quickly obtain important information about the prevailing situation. They can make efficient and well-founded decisions. This allows them to ensure maximum safety and extinguish the fire in a targeted manner. Drones can even be used in adverse weather conditions and provide important information. Fire sources are better monitored and new sources of fire are quickly identified.

Drones have become an indispensable tool in various rescue scenarios. Thanks to the bird’s eye view provided by drones, rescue teams can quickly locate people in need of help and provide supplies more quickly. Drones efficiently search large areas and use high-resolution thermal imaging cameras to quickly locate missing persons.Additional equipment ensures continuous operation at night or in poor lighting conditions, thermal and night vision images can be scaled and details compared.In conventional operations, e.g. with helicopter flights, adverse conditions hamper search efforts immensely and complicate rescue operations.

Aerial surveying

Drone applications also offer enormous advantages in aerial surveying.Drone applications quickly capture accurate geo-tagging data.Surveying and mapping tasks are carried out with a high degree of accuracy, for example in land surveying or urban planning.The data captured by the drones can be used for 2D and 3D models.This saves architects and engineers a lot of time and money.The progress of large construction projects can be easily monitored so that projects can be better planned and coordinated.

Inspection and monitoring of buildings and systems

Another example is the inspection of buildings and systems. Conventional building inspections often require specialists with manual access via scaffolding, extensions or long distances to the structure.

This is time-consuming and sometimes dangerous.Drones can be used to quickly create a detailed 3D model of a building. High-resolution close-ups of buildings also help to detect damage at an early stage. Furthermore, detailed 3D models of cultural and natural monuments can be created for conservation and education purposes.

In addition, drones enable the precise inspection of facilities such as wind or solar parks.This significantly reduces downtimes, as damage can be detected quickly and repairs can be carried out promptly.


Agriculture Drones with high-resolution and multispectral sensors help to map forests or fields or to quickly and reliably detect pest infestations or nutrient deficiencies.So-called multispectral cameras record not only visible light but also wavelengths in the near-infrared range and allow conclusions to be drawn about the health of plants.In spruce forests, for example, bark beetle infestation can be easily detected as the crowns of affected trees show IR reflections.

Additional applications such as drone spraying systems with drift prevention enable the efficient application of plant protection products where they are needed.As a result, fertilizer and pesticide consumption can be reduced and yield production effectively increased.

The above examples impressively demonstrate the areas in which drones are already being used successfully. In addition, many other use cases are currently being tested.In view of the labor shortage, companies in logistics processing are discussing whether drone delivery services can close the gaps in the supply chain.The first drone delivery service flights are already being carried out in individual countries, for example in Spain, South Korea and China.

In the education sector, products are being offered for the STEAM-based classroom (STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).These are robots that give students and pupils better access to robotics and AI.

Organizations and companies benefit in multiple ways from the use of powerful drones.

10 advantages of drones in the B2B sector at a glance

  1. Hazardous situations are identified remotely and targeted measures are initiated
  2. Risks for emergency services are minimized
  3. Drones can be used in almost all weather conditions, day and night
  4. Drones enable access to hard-to-reach places
  5. Detailed documentation and accurate collection of data
  6. Improve the efficiency of security operations or facilities
  7. Users can perform tasks safely, user-friendly and efficiently
  8. Professional (further) training of employees
  9. Saving time
  10. Cost savings

In our opinion, the advantages of using drones speak for themselves. However, it’s not quite that simple. The use of drones requires a certain level of expertise. Simply acquiring a powerful drone is not enough to optimize the application.

Before purchasing a drone, it is advisable to analyze exactly for which purposes a drone is to be used and whether or what additional equipment is required. In addition, the personnel must be appropriately trained and an ascent permit for drone use must be applied for from the relevant aviation authority. This is where a partnership with a company specializing in drones is worthwhile.

Advantages of a partnership with Solectric

At Solectric, we have been a reliable partner for authorities and companies in all matters relating to the use of drones since 2016. We support our customers in using drones safely and efficiently. Together, we select the appropriate drone with suitable accessories for the respective application or provide support in the implementation of individual solutions tailored to the respective business and train drone pilots.

Many customers are faced with the question of which legal aspects need to be taken into account in order to fly drones legally. The approval processes often seem complicated. For example, a risk assessment of the flight may be required for certain areas of use. This requires extensive documents that require specialist knowledge. At Solectric, we advise our customers and also take care of obtaining ascent permits from the aviation authority.

If drone operations mean new terrain for our customers, we can carry out the first flights on request and instruct the personnel. Of course, we also support organizations and companies that only need help in specific areas.

Conclusion and outlook

There are many opportunities for industry, authorities and organizations to make sensible use of drones. They offer enormous potential for innovation. The use of drones has experienced an enormous boost in recent years. Technological advances have been partly responsible for this. Companies are looking for innovative solutions, also to counter the shortage of skilled workers. Drones can help here. However, there is also a certain amount of skepticism about drones.

Regardless of this, one thing is clear: drones always offer safe deployment options and save costs and time. They protect emergency services. Processes can be regulated in a completely new and simple way. They enable applications that were considered completely unthinkable just a few years ago.

The question remains as to whether companies and organizations are ready and open to the use of drones. It is worth talking to a drone specialist to familiarize yourself with the technology and to check whether a drone application is beneficial for your own company or organization.

About Solectric

At Solectric, we offer consulting, sales, training, technical service, customized solutions and, if required, complete project management for drone applications. In our Academy Profly, interested parties can complete the EU drone license. Our aim is to provide our customers with innovative drone applications so that they are always one step ahead. Solectric is DJI’s largest partner in Europe.

Talk to us if you have any questions. Please also contact us if you would like to discuss ideas for a drone application with us. We look forward to hearing from you.


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