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Kinder beim Spielen mit dem Makeblock mTiny

Makeblock mTiny – Immerse yourself in the world of programming

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Makeblock’s mTiny is the new educational robot from Makeblock for children between four and eight years of age With the mTiny, Makeblock landed a real hit for digital learning with children last year. The little panda robot is specifically aimed at teachers and children between four and eight years of age. Learn to program in…

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DJI Robomaster TT mit Kindern

RoboMaster EP Core: Advanced teaching robot takes learning to a whole new level

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With the learning robot from DJI, students can develop their full learning potential. The future of learning can already be glimpsed today: Instead of traditional frontal instruction, teachers are focusing on interactive learning with a high practical component. Important tools here include computers, robots and other digital learning materials, including the DJI RoboMaster EP Core.…

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