Kinder beim Spielen mit dem Makeblock mTiny

Makeblock mTiny – Immerse yourself in the world of programming

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Makeblock’s mTiny is the new educational robot from Makeblock for children between four and eight years of age

With the mTiny, Makeblock landed a real hit for digital learning with children last year. The little panda robot is specifically aimed at teachers and children between four and eight years of age.

Learn to program in a playful way

Nowadays the learning process for children is no longer just analog. Rather, digital devices already help preschoolers to train key skills such as logical thinking. It is less about “just parking the children in front of the screen” and more about making better use of the possibilities of the digital age.

With the mTiny, Makeblock has brought the perfect answer to these requirements onto the market. The educational robot for children who are growing up in the digital age promotes logical thinking in a playful way and is designed to be particularly child-friendly.

The panda-look device has no screen and is operated with the accompanying pen. It also includes an intelligent floor mat and various control cards. With the stick, the preschool children can now tap on the mat or cards and thus activate the individual commands on the cards. You can also paint letters and numbers with the Discover version. Teachers can also integrate math and literature concepts.

Ideal for schools and educational institutions

The main goal of the mTiny is to teach the children the core components of computational thinking. By using masks and flags, he can also transform himself into different characters, which means that the learning children can also gain socio-emotional learning experiences. In addition, mTiny also promotes fine motor skills and spatial imagination.

For teachers, the mTiny provides practical support in everyday school life. Through various activities and lessons you can train specific areas with the mTiny and use the possibilities of digitization for learning purposes.

Child-friendly design

mTiny is made from environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials. Rounded corners and adjustable brightness and volume also ensure safe learning for the children.

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