DJI Robomaster TT mit Kindern

RoboMaster EP Core: Advanced teaching robot takes learning to a whole new level

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With the learning robot from DJI, students can develop their full learning potential.

The future of learning can already be glimpsed today: Instead of traditional frontal instruction, teachers are focusing on interactive learning with a high practical component. Important tools here include computers, robots and other digital learning materials, including the DJI RoboMaster EP Core. The advanced teaching robot takes learning to a whole new level, enabling children and young people to reach their full learning potential in the classroom.

Unmatched teaching tools for the classroom

An all-in-one solution for STEAM-based classrooms around the world, RoboMaster DJI is the ideal teaching tool for AI and programming projects. Customized teaching materials make the educational robot suitable for students of all ages and experience levels to spark their interest in technology and spirit of discovery.

To do this, DJI offers a series of activities for educators and students. From training workshops to educator communities, everyone can find something suitable for them or their students.

DJI programming platform for even more learning opportunities

In addition to the curriculum and a competition database, the smart robot comes with the RoboMaster app. In it, multi-platform interactions and different operating methods for the EP Core are supported, and teaching materials and competition modes are provided. Pupils and students can thus take their skills in the programming languages Scratch and Python to a new level in an exciting way.

No less interesting is the individual extension platform, which allows you to build and extend the EP Core as you wish. It is compatible with building blocks and 3D-printed objects, providing even more learning opportunities for students.

Excellent for use in educational settings

This makes the DJI RoboMaster EP Core ideally suited for use in educational institutions where technical and IT know-how is to be trained. Students thus benefit from hands-on instruction. Teachers, in turn, can make even better use of the opportunities offered by digitization and technological advances.

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