New at Solectric: LiDAR sensor for drones

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The RIEGL miniVUX®-1DL is now available from us. The special lidar system designed for unmanned flight applications is not only compact and lightweight, but also capable of up to 100,000 measurements per second. This means that integration with an industrial drone is possible without any problems, but without having to compromise on the quality of the scans.

The RIEGL miniVUX®-1DL belongs to the same family as the already well-known RIEGL miniVUX®-1UAV. The “DL” stands for “downward looking” which alludes to the special design optimized for scanning corridors. Thus, the RIEGL miniVUX®-1DL is perfectly equipped to perform tasks such as power line or pipeline monitoring, or infrastructure inspections such as for highways or railroad lines. The special wedge prism scanner design has a FOV (Field of View) of ± 23°, and the circular scan pattern provide a very high point density and distribution. The RIEGL miniVUX®-1DL utilizes RIEGL’s unique waveform lidar technology, allowing digitization of the echo and online waveform processing. Multi-target resolution is the foundation for penetrating even dense foliage.
An easily removable SD card memory for data storage and/or the ability to stream the scan via LAN TCP/IP interface – combined with the scanner’s efficient power consumption – allows easy integration into a variety of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle).

The RIEGL miniVUX®-1UAV is available now from Solectric. Simply contact us via the contact form and get more information now.

Typical applications include:

    • Monitoring of pipelines and power lines.
    • Inspection of highways and railroad lines.
    • Other corridor mapping applications.

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