Makerspace Klassenzimmer mit Tischen und Stühlen

With Makeblock Codey Rocky at the middle school in Ebern

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Programming is no longer just something for technology nerds, but should soon become part of the curriculum at schools with simple basics. Especially for this reason it is important to clarify open questions and to take away the uncertainty in application and usage. Our education team was invited by Konrektor Toni Binder exactly with this mission as part of the digital workshop at the middle school in Ebern and showed there in theory and practice how learning robots can be integrated into the classroom. After the presentation of the Open Software mBlock5, different scenarios with Makeblock Codey Rocky were programmed and discussed and some of the own ideas quickly found their realization.

The “Non Screen Coding” with Makeblock’s latest education product mTiny was also presented and found great enthusiasm. Here, first coding skills can be acquired quickly and with fun in the sense of MINT/STEAM.

The Mabot robot kit from was also explored with curiosity due to its simple application at various learning levels, and the Tello drone from DJI was used to conquer the airspace at the end of the day.

It was clear to everyone that these products are likely to be an optimal addition to science-based lessons and that simple tasks can be used to design experimental lessons.

Participants had the opportunity to get to know and love the products, perform small programming tasks, and consistently positive feedback was the rewards for an interesting and technical day.

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