Makeblock 3D Drucker mit Kindern

Makeblock mCreate & Laserbox: Smart Products for Digital Education

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October marked the official launch of Makeblock’s mCreate 3D printer. The company thus added even more possibilities in learning and application scenarios to its product family. Now the mCreate is finally available from us alongside the Laserbox, another product from Makeblock.

Making ideas tangible.

With the mCreate, Makeblock has developed a versatile desktop 3D printer that creates new possibilities in digital education and allows ideas to be made tangible. Thanks to Genius intelligent leveling technology, precise printing is guaranteed, making it ideal for 3D design courses, manufacturing and for use in higher vocational education.

In this regard, the patented intelligent nozzle and flexible magnetic build plate ensure remarkable printing performance and quality. The device can also be easily switched to laser engraving mode, allowing for a wider range of applications in STEAM learning or other creative projects.

Also new to Solectric is Laserbox.

New to the Solectric lineup, in addition to the mCreate, is Makeblock’s Laserbox. The revolutionary laser cutter is designed specifically to educate children and encourage their creativity. Thanks to a high-resolution ultra-wide-angle camera and visual AI algorithms, laser printing is completely redefined, making laser cutting real fun.

To ensure that neither adults nor children can hurt themselves, thoughtful safety features are built into the laser box. The smart air filter also makes the Laserbox especially environmentally friendly.

Ideal for Maker Spaces.

Both the mCreate 3D printer and the Laserbox offer completely new possibilities in digital education and allow creative ideas to be physically implemented. This also makes the two devices ideal for use in Maker Spaces. After all, these modern hobby and tinkering spaces are focal points for creative minds. With the mCreate and the Laserbox, they have the opportunity to implement their ideas in the Maker Space without having to buy the devices themselves.

Test the Laserbox live.

Both products are available in our webshop. In addition, the Laserbox is available for demonstration at our location in Ubstadt-Weiher, allowing you to test the device and see for yourself the benefits of laser cutting before you buy.

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