OBSBOT Tiny: AI-powered webcam with intelligent features and smart handling

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Smart webcam for better quality and even more possibilities for livestreams and video calls

In the heyday of the Internet, the demands on webcams are becoming ever greater. After all, the quality of live streams and video conferences should be as good as possible at all times. With the OBSBOT Tiny, REMO TECH launched a webcam that redefines the future of webcams.

Innovative webcam with AI tracking

Smart devices are taking a bigger and bigger place in all of our lives. While Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence were mostly used in the corporate world in the past, nowadays they can be found in almost every household.

REMO TECH has taken a relatively new approach with its latest webcam, the OBSBOT Tiny. Namely, the handy camera relies on Deep Learning and neural networks for AI tracking with auto framing. As a result, the OBSBOT Tiny enables smooth tracking in all streams and video calls. Translated, this means that the AI-equipped webcam ensures that you are well and centrally in the picture at all times, even when you are moving.

For easier operation during a stream or call, REMO TECH offers gesture control with the OBSBOT Tiny. This allows you to control various functions such as zooming in and out with a hand gesture instead of having to press a button.

Thanks to strong AI features, the OBSBOT Tiny also differentiates itself from already available devices when it comes to exposure and white balance, and you will never appear in a bad light in front of the camera. The omni-directional microphones including noise cancelling additionally guarantee premium-level audio performance for videos and calls.

Compact and flexibly adjustable

The OBSBOT Tiny can be mounted in a variety of locations, offering more options for video conferencing. The magnet on the gimbal also makes it easy to remove the AI Webcam, for example when you close your notebook.

And even if you don’t need the camera anymore and want it to stay on the screen, REMO TECH has developed a solution. Namely, to maintain security and privacy, you can simply tilt the camera downwards and be protected from possible unwanted glances.

OBSBOT Tiny at Solectric

With the OBSBOT Tiny, REMO TECH is completely redefining the standard for webcams. Thanks to smart AI features, the camera enables even better quality for livestreams and video calls. At the same time, security and functionality are not neglected.

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