Rescue wildlife during harvest

Using drones to save wildlife from being mown down

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For farmers, there is only a small window of time to mow their meadows due to the weather – usually from June – September. Fast and efficient agricultural machinery is usually used to mow the meadows, leaving wildlife undetected in the dense grass.

Fawns are particularly affected as they remain motionless on the ground instead of fleeing. By using drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras, fields can be searched efficiently, wildlife can be located and their lives can be saved.

In order to promote the use of drones and thus animal welfare, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has launched a funding programme worth three million euros. Registered associations that work to save wild animals – especially fawns – have been able to apply for the funding since March 2021.

The funding rate was set at 60 per cent of the investment costs and a maximum of 4,000 euros per drone. The acquisition of a maximum of two drones per applicant can be applied for until 01 September 2021.
You can find more information at:

To be eligible for funding, drones must be equipped with the following technical features:

  • a thermal imaging camera
  • a minimum flight time of 20 minutes, and
  • a home return function.

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