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Whether camping in the wilderness, at events, on film productions, working on the road or at home in your own four walls – with EcoFlow’s powerful Power Stations, you’ll always have the outlet at hand. The portable charging stations of the DELTA and RIVER series are the most innovative and environmentally friendly power solutions in the world, allowing you to live, dream and discover without limits. And all without any noise or emissions.

Innovative technology in a compact package

As an innovative energy company, EcoFlow’s mission is to provide portable, clean and reliable power to consumers around the world. To this end, the company develops high-performance and mobile energy products. Central elements of this are the portable charging stations of the DELTA and RIVER series.

The EcoFlow DELTA charging station is the new standard for battery-powered generators. Compatible with a wide range of devices and thanks to the enormous capacity of 1260 Wh and the 1800 W inverter, you can, for example, power smartphones, tools or a refrigerator with a DELTA Power Station anytime and anywhere for several hours.

With the help of the innovative X Stream technology packed into the charging stations, the EcoFlow devices manage a charge from 0 to 80% in less than one hour. This makes the charging stations not only extremely practical, but also enormously fast.

Ideal for outdoor and camping

The RIVER product line is no less exciting. It has a similarly fast charging time, making the Power Station five times faster than similar competing products on the market.

The RIVER series charging stations (River / Max / Pro) are ideal for outdoor use, making them perfect for camping. This is because the Power Station is not only suitable for charging smartphones, drones and televisions, but also for charging higher-powered devices such as coffee machines or water pumps.

EcoFlow at Solectric

For both product lines, EcoFlow relies on a modular design. The EcoFlow Ecosystem offers a combination of additional batteries and smart solar panels so AC power and runtime can be increased. Convenient handle and light weight make it easy to take the charging station anywhere. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities, travel, in the caravan, on the boat or as an emergency power supply in the house (for back-up supply during power outages).

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