Solectric new cooperation partner of Eskimo Callboy

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From now on we provide Eskimo Callboy with high-quality camera technology for music videos, vlogs and behind the scenes.

There’s a lot of camera technology in music nowadays, too. Whether in the studio, at a music video shoot or on stage – cameras and drones allow viewers to get up close and personal from every perspective. That’s why the German band Eskimo Callboy has been relying on Solectric since August 2021 – we equipped the musicians with action cameras from DJI (Pocket 2, Osmo Action) and a DJI Air 2S drone.

Images and videos become even higher quality
Formed in 2010, the German band Eskimo Callboy can not only make music, but is also very tech-savvy. Already in the past, the music group has planned and implemented their high-quality videos, vlogs and behind-the-scenes videos on their own.

After the song “Hypa Hypa” reached 25 million streams on Spotify and 15 million clicks on YouTube, the current single “We Got The Moves” entered the top 100 of the German single charts and reached over 3 million YouTube clicks in just 2 weeks, they are now focusing on even more innovative technology. With us, Eskimo Callboy now have the right cooperation partner at their side. This means that the band is perfectly equipped for the upcoming album in terms of camera technology.

In addition, the fan community can soon look forward to new band and cover images. Both were photographed with the provided Hasselblad 907X 50C. The camera allows a special depth of field and makes every picture automatically a small work of art. Fans can also look forward to tour vlogs and live recordings from the stage when the band goes on tour in Europe in 2022!

For all info on Eskimo Callboy and their upcoming European tour, visit www.eskimocallboy.com.