EcoFlow River Mini

“Grab and Go” charging station weighs only 2,850 grams: Simply take the power outlet anywhere with the EcoFlow RIVER Mini power station

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  • Power of 300 W (with X-Boost up to 600 W) ideal for laptop, smartphone, lamps, kettle & Co.
  • Thanks to X-Stream charging technology from 0% to 80% in just 1 hour.
  • Solar charging with 110 W solar panel in three to six hours or via the car adapter in just 3.5 hours
  • Wireless Qi charging cradle for smartphones integrated on the top (River Mini Wireless only)
  • Multiple multi-function outputs to choose from, such as AC output, 100W Type-C output and USB-A outputs
  • Operating and charging noise of less than 30 dB

Having your own power outlet with you at all times and everywhere is certainly a dream for mobile digital nomads. With the mobile power station EcoFlow RIVER Mini, available now, this wishful thinking now becomes reality. The compact EcoFlow RIVER Mini weighs only 2,850 grams and even fits into small bags and backpacks. The capacity of the power station is 210 Wh, the nominal power is 300 watts – via X-Boost mode can be briefly increased to 600 watts for power-hungry devices such as kettles or coffee makers. The EcoFlow RIVER Mini has all the connections required for 99% of all electrical appliances: AC wall socket, DC car socket, USB-A ports and a USB-C port – the wireless version even has an integrated Qi charging pad for 15 W wireless induction charging.

Pssst! Whisper quiet operation even suitable for libraries

The EcoFlow RIVER Mini emits between 38 and 44 decibels at a distance of one meter during operation and charging, which corresponds to the noise level of a library. Thus, the small powerhouse does not disturb even at night in the tent or caravan while smartphones, tablets, camera batteries, etc. are being charged. The EcoFlow RIVER Mini is charged from 0% to 80% in 1 hour at the wall socket thanks to EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream technology. Approximately 1.5 hours are required for the entire 210 Wh capacity. In outdoor use, the portable power station is fully recharged via a solar panel after about 3-6 hours – perfect for longer backcountry tours or nature filmmakers who spend several days in the wilderness. It also only takes about 3.5 hours via the car adapter. Compared to traditional battery-powered generators on the market, EcoFlow charging is ten times faster, saving several hours of time per charge.

“There is a growing demand for portable power as more and more people, especially the younger generation, are very mobile and active, but do not want to limit their freedom of movement. Portability often comes at a price – whether it’s size, convenience or compatibility,” said Thomas Chan, R&D director at EcoFlow. “EcoFlow RIVER Mini redefines this freedom of movement by perfectly combining portability and power. It is truly a take-away power plant powerful enough to make a difference in people’s daily lives.”

Ideal for outdoor use

The EcoFlow RIVER Mini can be used universally. The classic area of application is camping, where the mobile power storage unit is used, for example, in tents, caravans or self-built mobile homes. Whether at the beach, on the boat, in the vacation home, in the mountain hut, in the (allotment) garden or backyard, the mobile power dispensers are always in demand when power is needed far away from a socket.

The RIVER Mini can supply 99% of the most important devices in the field of consumer electronics with up to 300 W or with up to 600 W in switched-on X-Boost mode.

It is recommended to use devices from 10 – 300 W to get the most out of the product. At the same time, in case of a power failure, the EPS function is very useful. When the RIVER Mini detects a power failure, it automatically turns on within 30 ms, so that, for example, a computer or a device that you can not do without, can simply continue to run.

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