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Every year, the renowned TIME magazine publishes a list of the best 100 inventions “that make the world better, smarter and even a little bit more fun. The high-performance, battery-powered EcoFlow DELTA Pro power supply solution made it to the TOP 100 in the “Sustainability” category. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro ensures a sustainable emergency power supply in the event of power outages. In addition, the portable power station enables better monitoring and control of daily power consumption. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro was launched on Kickstarter in July 2021 and raised a record amount (for a technical product) of more than 12 million in two months, ranking it sixth among the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time.

Extreme weather conditions drive demand

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the world’s first eco-friendly portable home battery. When used in conjunction with accessories from the EcoFlow ecosystem, such as auxiliary batteries, solar trackers, solar panels, wind turbines and a smart home panel, it can provide up to one week of backup power. As the first product of its kind, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a significant step toward the company’s ambitious vision to promote sustainability by providing a robust, low-carbon, renewable energy solution for individuals, homes and industry alike.
“We are honored that TIME has recognized the EcoFlow DELTA Pro as one of the breakthrough inventions of the year alongside some truly spectacular global innovations,” said Thomas Chan, director of research and development at EcoFlow. “By enabling electricity generation, storage and use in an integrated ecosystem, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro paves the way to alternative, sustainable energy sources.”

With extreme weather conditions causing more and more power outages, there is a growing demand for power generators to provide light when the grid goes down. While most generators are noisy and run on gasoline, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro is a battery-powered generator measuring 63.5 × 28.5 × 41.6 cm (with wheels). It is also the first power station that can charge at electric car charging stations and even multicharge by combining multiple methods to achieve a record-breaking 6500W fast charging power. Up to 6 methods are available, such as solar panels, the EcoFlow Smart Generator or the traditional wall socket.
With the X-Stream charging technology, the mobile power station can be fully charged in about 1.8 hours at a normal power outlet.
With 3600 W or with up to 4500 W in switched-on X-Boost mode, powerful devices such as laundry dryers, air conditioners and more can be supplied with power.

Sustainable fast charging miracle

In the name of greener energy, EcoFlow develops its lithium-ion battery product lines based on thoughtful, durable designs and always with the goal of ensuring portable, clean and reliable energy. That’s why the manufacturer relies on its patented lithium-ion battery technology as an alternative to conventional gas generators, ensuring less noise, less exhaust fumes, and scoring points for eliminating maintenance and providing reliable power.
The DELTA range has been strategically designed so that the generators have a low center of gravity, which reduces the risk of the unit falling over. In addition, the housing is made of fire-resistant materials to ensure maximum stability, resistance and durability.
EcoFlow powerstations boast the fastest charging time on the market, thanks to the patented “X-Stream” technology, they are up to 80 percent charged in one hour and fully charged in less than two hours. Compared to conventional battery-powered generators on the market, EcoFlow charging is ten times faster, saving several hours of time per charge. In addition, battery-powered EcoFlow products can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

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