Solectric @ didacta 2022

Companion for the digital classroom: Solectric presents special products for digital education and teaching at didacta 2022

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Solectric’s trade show presence will focus on drones and educational robots from DJI, products from Makeblock, graphics tablets from XP-Pen for e-learning, and AI-controlled PTZ webcams

Solectric’s Educational Solution business unit will be present at “didacta – die Bildungsmesse” (7-11.6.2022) in hall 6, booth C049. Here, Solectric will present its comprehensive portfolio of hardware products, auxiliary materials as well as STEAM products (STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) from solution providers such as Makeblock, DJI, XPPen, Obsbot and many more. The aim is for children and young people to learn in a fun way the necessary competencies and technical skills for our digital world, which are required for their future and for online teaching, home schooling and collaborative work.

Drone cage and RoboMaster Competition Field by DJI

A large area of the exhibition space will be taken up by DJI’s drones and robots. DJI’s education offerings include the Robomaster Tello Talent, a programmable drone that can also be used as a swarm for more complex flight programs. Scratch and Pyton can be used to program the drone as an autonomous flying robot drone. On site, the drones can be tested in a special drone cage.

DJI Education’s RoboMaster Youth Competition has been an important approach in educational research since 2021: this competition helps to understand the learning paths, learning characteristics and curiosity of students and teenagers. At didacta, robots such as the RoboMaster EP can be tested in detail in the Competition Field. However, a real RoboMaster competition does not take place due to the field size.

The educational robots and the laser box from Makeblock

The mBot2 educational robot from Makeblock playfully teaches millions of children, students, teachers and budding programmers worldwide about complex STEM (mathematics, computer science, natural science, technology) contexts. Beneath the sturdy aluminum shell is cutting-edge technology that brings countless new programming and application possibilities.

But the revolutionary “Laserbox” laser cutter is also just plain fun! It was specially designed to educate children and encourage their creativity. With its high-resolution ultra-wide-angle camera and visual AI algorithms, it completely redefines laser printing. The Laserbox can be operated by gesture control and automatically detects the materials used, allowing it to self-adjust engraving/cutting parameters accordingly.

Immerse yourself in digital art with crisp clarity

At didacta, Solectric will be showing a range of XPPen graphics tablets for digital artists, YouTubers, influencers and also teachers who want to bring more creativity into everyday (school) life. The tablets are ideally suited for creatives who draw like on a sheet of paper, but want to get a lot more customization options and special effects out of their artwork. The XPPen graphics tablets come with a battery-free stylus. The total 8,192-step pressure sensitivity inspires with extreme accuracy and makes it possible to benefit from the wide range of brushes and pens and also to modify them individually depending on the type of application.

AI-controlled PTZ webcam OBSBOT Tiny 4K follows movements, responds to gestures and enables “lifelike” video transmission

The AI-powered PTZ webcam OBSBOT Tiny 4K is the first PTZ webcam to offer AI tracking, auto framing and gesture control through the computing power of deep learning neural networks. Thus, the camera automatically follows movements and ensures that the person speaking is always in focus and in focus. The OBSBOT Tiny 4K is particularly suitable for educational institutions, universities, companies and also social platforms, as it makes all participants believe they are sitting in the same room, even if they are thousands of kilometers apart.

Simple gestures can also be used to perform functions such as zooming, selecting targets, etc. to increase the vividness of the presentation. The result is exciting new capabilities and high-quality video for livestreams, online lectures, video calls, and conferences that enable near “lifelike” video broadcasts.

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