Rideet One

The first smart black box for bikers – Rideet One – now on sale at Bep’s Italian online store

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After Rideet One has already become a sales hit in the DACH region, Italian motorcycle fans will now also benefit from the intelligent box. Just in time for the start of the new motorcycle season, Rideet One is also available in the online store of Bep’s, the top outfitter for bikers in Italy. This is another milestone for the establishment of the small black box throughout Europe.

Rideet One is ‘Made in Italy

The distribution of Rideet One in the DACH region and Europe is managed by SOLECTRIC GmbH. “On the way to further popularize Rideet One in Europe, Italy represents an important target market. With Bep’s, the Italian number 1 in motorcycle accessories, we will have the best possible sales channel beyond the Alps in the future”, Olaf Kappler, Managing Director of SOLECTRIC GmbH, is pleased to announce.
The conquest of the Italian market means the next consistent step for Rideet One. After all, the smart motorcycle extension originates from Bella Italia.
The boundless enthusiasm of the Italian ‘Motociclista’ paired with the smart technology of Rideet One has what it takes to be the ‘Best Match’. The technical upgrade for motorcycles of all brands makes every tour an even greater experience.

The functionality of Rideet One

The fun factor is not neglected with Rideet One. Bikers who like to record their tours with an action cam can fade in the data supplied by Rideet One on speed, acceleration or lean angle into the finished film via Dashware.
At the same time, the black box has a reliable emergency call function. The sensors equipped with artificial intelligence and the integrated SIM card automatically send an emergency text message to the specified emergency contacts in the event of an accident.
Sharing details of the current motorcycle tour via social media is also completely hassle-free using the app provided by Rideet One.
For all beginners, MasterShots is a groundbreaking aid. For example, automatic flight routes and camera movements can be started. After filming, the app immediately edits the resulting videos – including music and effects.

In addition, bikers receive essential information and data on demand, such as

  • all driving parameters,
  • an overview of all routes driven,
  • an overview of all service measures carried out and the current
  • the current status of the battery.

Rideet One stores all information in its own cloud and is thus available at any time and from any location.
By the way: The pre-installed tracking function provides the smart tool with theft protection. This means that a stolen motorcycle can be found again quickly and easily. Further features will follow later this year.
Rideet One is available at an MSRP of EUR 249, including VAT and one year of connectivity – including worldwide roaming – and can of course also be purchased at www.rideet.com.
Rideet One is also available from numerous independent motorcycle dealers and workshops in Germany via the sales partner AVP Berlin. Interested dealers please contact AVP directly: https://www.avp-technik.de/rideet-one/.

New Rideet product as of June 2022 – Rideet TPMS

Solectric is expanding its portfolio; from the beginning of June there will be a tire pressure measurement sensor for all bikers. The new product – Rideet TPMS – not only monitors tire pressure, but also warns the rider in the event of an air loss and does so both in the garage and while riding. The sensor can be easily paired with the smartphone. However, the full delivery functions are only available when paired with the Rideet One – then there is also full access remotely and the status of the tires can be checked anytime and anywhere.

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