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DJI Enterprise: App updates recommended

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DJI Enterprise will soon update the map services for some apps to provide an even better user experience. It is recommended to update the app/remote controller before November 25, 2022 to continue benefiting from regular feature updates and performance improvements. If you are using older versions of the DJI app, it may negatively impact the map display.

Please refer to the listing below for details:

DJI Pilot 2 (version V4.1.11): Matrice 300 RTK and Matrice 30 series.
DJI Pilot (Version V2.5.1.15): Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, Mavic 2 Enterprise series, Phantom 4 RTK, Matrice 200 series V2, Matrice 200 series and Matrice600 series.
DJI GS RTK (version V2.2.5): Phantom 4 RTK
DJI Fly (Version V1.6.8): RC, RC Pro and Smart Controller
DJI GO 4 (version V4.3.54): Matrice 200 series, Smart Controller, Phantom 4 Pro V2+ Remote Controller with integrated screen.
DJI GO (version V3.1.76): Matrice 600 series
DJI MG (Version V1.8.27): MG-1S series
DJI MG (Version V1.8.57): MG-1S Advanced
DJI MG2 (Version V2.5.1): MG-1P series
DJI Agras (version V3.5.6): T16, T20