EcoFlow Glacier, EcoFlow Wave 2, EcoFlow Blade

EcoFlow Smart Devices

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EcoFlow has announced three new products that will be launched in the coming weeks. The first product will be released as early as April 26. EcoFlow Blade, the world’s first smart robotic lawn mower that requires no wires or prior setup. A virtual boundary can be easily set using the EcoFlow app, unlike traditional robotic lawn mowers that require boundary wires to be manually laid. The Blade is also the industry’s first solution with RTK and AI sensors, enabling automatic zigzag mowing route planning with RTK accuracy of up to ±2 cm, without blind spots.

EcoFlow’s second innovation is the Wave 2, a new powerful and compact air conditioner that will be released on May 15. EcoFlow Wave 2 has an impressive cooling and heating performance, which with only 5 minutes, can lower the temperature by 10°C or raise it by 15°C. With 5100 BTU for cooling and 6100 BTU for heating, the custom EcoFlow compressor offers top speed. Maximum run time is 8 hours and maximum noise level is 48 db.

EcoFlow Glacier is the world’s first portable fridge-freezer with integrated ice maker and plug-in battery (not included and sold separately) also to be unveiled May 15. With a massive 298Wh battery capacity, it offers up to 24 hours of run time, allowing users to take food and cold beverages on camping or fishing trips, or even in their car, truck, RV or boat. EcoFlow Glacier is battery powered and cordless and provides up to 24 hours of refrigeration or 10 hours of freezing.


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