Drone Soccer Käfig auf der Modellbau in Dortmund


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For movie fans, the game is reminiscent of the Quidditch World Cup from the blockbuster Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The only difference is that it’s not wizard apprentices on a flying broom trying to score a goal, but drone balls surrounded by a protective grid.
The game is called drone soccer. The new trend sport drone soccer or drone ball originates from South Korea and has been exciting children and young people there for several years. Now drone soccer is conquering the USA and Europe.
Drone soccer, or soccer in the air, has been popular with children and young people in particular for several years. The mixture of game and flight action inspires young people in particular.

Simple rules provide fast fun

Two opposing goals are placed in a cage-like playing field. Two teams, each consisting of five members, each control five drone balls. One of these five drone balls, the “Striker”, plays a special role. Only he can score a goal by flying through. The remaining four balls secure their own goal or fight the way clear for the “Striker”.
We presented Drone Soccer for the first time in April 2023 at Intermodellbau in Dortmund, the world’s largest trade fair for model building and model sports. At the joint trade fair stand of us and the MFSD, the Modellflugsportverband Deutschland e.V., there was ambitious hustle and bustle over four days. Live on site, drone soccer teams tried to play and occupy spaces.
However, terms from classic soccer language take on a whole new meaning here, after all, the drone soccer players are actually fighting in the airspace for goals, points and championship

Perfect mix of game and technology

The mix of flight action and strategy is particularly exciting for young people.
In addition to the sporting competition, players experience what maneuvers are possible with the drones even in the smallest of spaces. The agile drone soccer balls perform magic like airy soccer stars in Drone Soccer. Tricks and feints, such as those usually performed by Mbappé, Ronaldo or Messi on the green pitch, also help to get the Striker drone into the opponent’s goal at airy heights.
Tech-savvy youth will find much to enjoy in the trendy sport of drone soccer, which is an exciting team sport for kids and teens that opens doors to high-paying careers in aviation such as drone operations, engineering, aircraft repair, air traffic control and traditional pilot training.
During the match breaks, the DJI Tello drones were introduced, which will make it easy for students nationwide to learn drone programming and gain their first experience in aviation starting next year (organized by the DMFV and MFSD flying associations).

And please note: The good old whistle is still in use to start and stop the game!