Formel 1 in der Schule

Mercedes-Benz Customer Center in Sindelfingen, the venue of the German Formula 1 Championship at school in 2023

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20 teams, each with 3 to 6 students, were able to win the previous regional championships in their state and qualified in the junior or senior age groups. Those who can assert themselves here now can go to Singapore in September for the F1® in Schools World Finals. Those who can assert themselves here now can go to Singapore in September for the F1® in Schools World Finals. Masters and runners-up will be given the right to start and will compete against more than 65 teams from 29 countries.

F1 in Schools is the world’s largest technology competition for students in the MINT area, i.e. mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. The teams have to construct, design and manufacture a formula vehicle and then bring it onto a racetrack. This includes team building with distribution of tasks, schedule and budget responsibility, search for sponsors, design of a team stand and 1 or 2 portfolios. The whole thing usually only takes place partly within the framework of school lessons, a lot of free time is invested.

At the championships, the team stand is set up, the portfolios are presented, there is a presentation in front of a jury and the vehicles come onto the racetrack. Here they have to compete against a second team on a 20-meter-long, straight measuring track, driving and reaction times are measured. Each team is ranked with the best time from 4 races. However, points are awarded in all disciplines, and overall victory is not necessarily decided on the racetrack. Incidentally, the fastest cars reached the end of the 20 meters in just under 1 second and reached a speed of around 80 kilometers per hour.

Formula 1 at school has existed in Germany since 2006, that was the 17th German championship. The Recoil Racing team from the Marie-Therese-Gymnasium in Erlangen in Bavaria secured the title of German Champion. Local hero Fire Storm from the Gymnasium Unterrieden Sindelfingen in Baden-Württemberg was runner-up.
These two teams will then fly the German flag at the F1® in Schools World Finals in Singapore for the 2023 season. What they experience there, they record in pictures and video. In order for this to work best, they take a DJI Osmo Action 3 Adventure Combo with them. The footage recorded will be edited and broadcast on racingTV, the competition’s partner, upon their return. Corresponding reports can always be seen there shortly after the respective regional or German championship