Mit RoboMaster S1 kommt keine Langweile auf

Summer 2020 at home? With RoboMaster S1 there is no room for boredom

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For many, the summer of 2020 will most likely take place at home: Every second German wants to stay at home during the summer vacations – this was stated by respondents in a survey for “ARD extra”. The reasons for this vary – for example, many feel insecure in view of the Corona pandemic and others have had to take their vacation days during the crisis. At first glance, spending the summer at home sounds boring, but it does have its advantages: You save money, the stressful preparation and travel are omitted and you can focus entirely on your loved ones. Our tip: Quality Time with DJI RoboMaster S1!

Valuable, great time for two.

With the educational robot, you’ll not only have plenty of fun playing, but also learning. It offers endless opportunities to learn, play and spend quality time together with your child. So right when you open the box, it presents you with your first challenge together: assembly! What follows? The sense of accomplishment – after all, you’ve just built a robot together.

Everybody learns something.

Whether you’re an IT nerd or a completely clueless beginner, the S1 is designed to engage and challenge users of all levels. Written codes issue commands to the robot and allow it to do cool things. And like human language, programming language has many varieties of language – RoboMaster masters both Python for advanced users and Scratch for beginners. To learn these languages, the robot offers “the way to master”, a series of hands-on lessons that will guide you through the programming language.

Artificial intelligence awaits your command.

Add artificial intelligence to a robot controlled by you – how cool is that? The RoboMaster S1 is as smart as a fox and is designed to automatically recognize, obey or react to numerous sights and sounds. For example, it has line tracking, sight mark recognition, clapping sounds, gestures, a follow mode, and more.

You can use these AI settings in exciting S1 competitions or come up with, test, and refine any number of intelligent behaviors as a well-rehearsed team. Just think of all the fun you’ll have tinkering around and playing with the features.

You simply won’t get bored.

The S1 is designed for endless hours of learning and entertainment – for kids of all ages. Besides all the features that will give you unforgettable moments with your kids, it is a fully functional robot that has so many capabilities that there will never be a dull moment.

Fantastic and futuristic.

The S1 consists of 46 individual parts such as:

    • An FPV camera available on the gimbal, which allows you to watch the action up close and in real time, as well as record cool videos.
    • Thanks to four expertly designed Mecanum wheels, the S1 moves and turns with agility and omnidirectionality. They allow it to glide across the ground with pinpoint precision and agility.
    • Intelligent sensor armor detects gel pellets and infrared blasters – plus an instant counteroffensive can be programmed to win the match.
    • With six programmable AI modules, Scratch and Python programming languages, and a range of exciting modes, the S1 is all about innovation and experiential learning.
    • With six PWM ports and one SBus port, it can be further customized to perform feats you haven’t even dreamed of.
    • For more responsive control, the intelligent control unit provides more precise control over the S1 – for demanding missions.
    • The gimbal lets you see through your S1’s eyes and control all its movements accordingly.

Conclusion DJI RoboMaster S1 provides entertainment, learning fun, heruas challenge, development, various activities and the opportunity for parent and child to spend valuable timez and work together as a team.

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