Dronemasters Academy: A pioneer in the field of drones in the education sector.

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While the industrial use of drone technology is booming in Germany, e.g. in husbandry/forestry, infrastructure, security, and public authorities, its utilization in the education sector is still somewhat uncommon. Drones, or multicopters as they are sometimes called, can be used for a wide range of applications and to teach children of all ages, especially when it comes to STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).

Mini drones, such as the RYZE Tello EDU from DJI, are ideally suited for use in classrooms because they are small and very safe. Thanks to the fact that they can be programmed, students are introduced to programming languages and the topics of artificial intelligence or robotics in a playful manner. Moreover, the basics of life sciences (among others, buoyancy, mechanics, electronics) can be taught in practical terms.
Drones make it possible to bridge the gap between technological advancement and the education sector – children learn how to use digital tools and their creative design options from an early age. In this way, the adults of tomorrow are introduced to future topics in a fun way.

Our partner, the DroneMasters Academy in Berlin, has set itself the goal of helping shape the future of automated mobility. And the decisive factor here is introducing these topics to children playfully as well as training teachers. The DroneMasters Academy offers both, among other things there are currently exciting holiday courses on offer. Get a first-hand impression here.

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