Kind das mit dem Makeblock CyberPi spielt


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With Makeblock CyberPi, educational institutions bring computer science and AI closer to their students in a simple and practice-oriented way.

Handy and small – that’s the Makeblock CyberPi. But its size should not hide what this little powerful package can do. As a programmable microcomputer, it is equipped with advanced electronics that come in combination with the mBlock coding editor. This makes it a practical learning aid for computer science and AI education.

Developing programming skills interactively

For children growing up in the digital age, computer skills and technical know-how are almost indispensable. Therefore, they should be integrated into the school learning curriculum at an early age. Makeblock also pursues this goal in the development of its learning computers such as the CyberPi.

By integrating hardware and software, the single-board computer is a powerful tool for exploring the fundamentals of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Central to this is mBlock 5, which allows you to control CyberPi and develop your programming skills. From block-based programming to Python, everything runs within the same platform.

For example, the integrated WIFI module allows you to create local networks between multiple CyberPi and explore the Internet of Things. Or you can program interactive video games and perform various experiments on the mini-computer. The versatile and powerful device thus enables learning in a fun environment for beginners and advanced learners.

Ideal for educational institutions

The handy computer unfolds its full effect in combination with Makeblock Education and its partners. Included are guided activities and lesson plans for different levels of education. This makes CyberPi suitable for all educational institutions that want to teach students about computer science and AI.

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