Robomaster TT


1024 640 Solectric GmbH
  • Lowers the barriers to learning robotics and AI
  • Encourages curiosity in students
  • Have multiple drones fly in a swarm to program your own drone show
  • Also flies indoors and hovers in place

No major event, such as the current Olympic Games in Tokyo, can do without nightly sky images from drones. Pupils and students can now learn how to program the choreography of these fascinating projections in a playful way with the DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent training drone. The RoboMaster TT facilitates access to robotics and AI and encourages curiosity and self-confidence in students to help them get started in science and technology. The drone is based on open-source technology and enables the control of multiple drones simultaneously thanks to the excellent scalability of the software and hardware.

Small drone for big dreams: Increased creativity and intelligence

The DJI RoboMaster TT is designed to enhance and expand student:s talent and skills in robotics. Learners can see their software program come to life by writing custom programs to control the colors and light frequency of the RoboMaster TT’s programmable 256 full-color LEDs. Simple shapes, animations and scrolling effects can also be created on the RoboMaster TT’s 8×8 LED dot matrix screen. The integrated 5MP HD camera delivers smooth and stable flight images.

The perfect combination of technology and art: easily program fascinating drone formations

The RoboMaster TT is designed specifically for school teaching and features an infrared Time of Flight (ToF) sensor that provides a detection range of up to 1.2 meters. The ToF sensor is used to sense the environment and provide easy obstacle avoidance. This makes flying in a classroom safer.

With an enhanced 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi module, you can connect multiple drones and program a swarm to perform pre-programmed synchronized sequences. For a more immersive experience, advanced students can program the swarm to fly customized maneuvers using the new software. The drone offers a variety of uses for teaching, competitions or shows.

“The industry-leading educational drone features superior flight performance and a compact design,” said Alexander Hantke, Head of Education at SOLECTRIC. “The new open-source ESP32 module and other programmable modules, combined with a diverse programming environment, deliver a professional educational drone platform that is practical for teachers and students alike.”

Designed for the future

The highly integrated open source extension kit for the RoboMaster TT can be used for more diverse AI applications together with the camera’s streaming video data. The new RoboMaster SDK can also be used to integrate advanced AI technologies such as image processing and deep learning into school curriculum. AI thus becomes more accessible and enables game-based learning for better results.

For more information, please visit: DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent