Create stunning drawings with XP-PEN Artist Pro 16 TP

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Ultimate visual experience with 4K

With 4K resolution, the XP-PEN Artist Pro 16TP offers entirely new possibilities for drawing artists. Let your creativity run wild with this tablet and create works of art that are second to none.

Stunning image quality

With a color gamut on 92% Adobe RGB and 124% sRGB, the new XP-PEN Artist Pro 16TP offers a natural color transition and outstanding color accuracy and saturation. At the same time, the Artist Pro 16TP addresses one of the most important technical issues: That’s because the graphics tablet offers a perfect balance between “non-grainy” and “anti-glare,” enabling a stunning image without grainy dots or reflection interference.

In addition, the combination of special eye relief technology and display glass with anti-glare minimizes visual distractions. This provides a more comfortable picture and reduces eye fatigue.

Outstanding operability

The Artist Pro 16TP is also convincing in terms of usability. For example, the graphics tablet under Windows offers a perfect combination of multi-touch control and pen function. So you can easily zoom in or out, rotate the display orientation and freely edit your figures when drawing with the pen.

By the way, this comes in an optimized pen case with a special pressure mechanism that optimally protects the pen and pen tips.

Wireless connectivity and direct connection to additional devices

The Artist Pro 16TP has two full-featured USB-C ports for easy connectivity. It also has a USB-C to USB-C connection to keep your desk tidy and give you more connectivity options. Thanks to the additional security slot on the side, you can protect your display.

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