Things to know about the new EU energy labels

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On many devices there are energy labels, which clearly show the most important data about the respective device. Since recently the devices became more and more energy efficient and met a higher standard than the class A covered, there was an A+, A++ and A+++ in addition to the A. The EU decided to put an end to this, because the differences between A+ and A+++ were sometimes minimal. Instead of A+++, A++, A+, A, B, C and D, the classes A to G now provide information: where A stands for very efficient appliances.

New parameters are used to classify the appliances. There are different test procedures for each appliance class, which are strongly oriented to practical use. Various parameters are combined to form an energy efficiency index (EEI), which covers much more than just power consumption.

The visual appearance has also changed: For example, there is a QR code on the label that can be scanned with a smartphone and redirects to the European Product Database For Energy Labelling (EPREL). This is very practical, because it contains label data and data sheets for the respective device.

This is what the new EU energy labels look like (XP-PEN Artist 15.6 Pro):

label 769951 kopie

  1. Energy efficiency class: Informs about the power consumption in comparison, where class A stands for the most economical devices and class G for those with the highest consumption.
  2. Supplementary product information: Depending on the device (here, the visible screen diagonal in centimeters and inches, as well as the horizontal and vertical resolution in pixels).
  3. QR code: Can be scanned with a smartphone, which will redirect you to the European product database for energy consumption labeling on the device
  4. Energy consumption level

Here you can find the new EU energy labels at Solectric:

  • On the Product database
  • In our data sheets