DJI Mavic 3

Flying “eye” with rapid flight characteristics

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Like its predecessor, the Mavic 2, the Mavic 3 sets new standards in the drone market and literally lifts the hearts of film and aviation fans. More camera, more speed, more safety, more range, more flying fun – DJI developers have optimized the Mavic 3 in all relevant areas for unparalleled flight performance and superior images and videos.

Fast flying talent with intelligent collision avoidance

Thanks to 35% less drag and weight (just under 900 grams take-off weight with battery) than the previous model, new motors and propellers with improved energy efficiency, aerodynamically optimized chassis, gimbal and boom arms, the Mavic 3 reaches a top speed of up to 68 km/h. The higher capacity battery allows for up to 46 minutes of flight time (under ideal conditions) and up to 30 km of flight distance.

The Mavic 3 can move up to 8 kilometers (CE value) away from the pilot thanks to the improved DJI O3+ transmission system, without losing connection even in difficult conditions, such as flying in environments with strong signal interference. The Mavic 3 is also DJI’s first drone to offer a live feed with a high frame rate of 1080p/60fps. This means that the camera view is close to what the camera is actually recording.

And to allow the pilot to fully concentrate on filming, collision sensors scan the environment in all directions and warn of obstacles. APAS 5.0 analyzes and aggregates data from multiple sensors that seamlessly and continuously detect obstacles in all directions.

Follow Me! Fast-paced flight maneuvers without crash landings

The omnidirectional obstacle detection system also enables more intuitive subject tracking with the updated ActiveTrack 5.0, so obstacles are detected even in normal mode. ActiveTrack 5.0 allows the Mavic 3 to move with the subject. If the subject moves too quickly and temporarily disappears from the frame, vision sensors and intelligent algorithms ensure that the subject is still not lost and the shot can continue seamlessly.

But the Mavic 3 also features other robust safety systems such as geofencing to alert pilots when they are flying near sensitive locations, altitude limits to ensure compliance, and the AeroScope identification system that allows authorities to identify and monitor flying drones in sensitive locations. The Mavic 3’s built-in AirSense system warns of nearby aircraft and helicopters sending ADS-B signals. The Mavic 3 finds its way home just as confidently: instead of approaching the pilot at high altitude and in a straight line, it automatically selects a short, safe and battery-saving route back to the starting point.

The Hasselblad dual camera of the DJI Mavic 3 sees everything!

The Mavic 3 also features a host of innovations in optical systems that enable even inexperienced pilots to produce impressive shots and exciting videos. DJI is working closely with Swedish professional cult brand Hasselblad, which has developed the L2D-20c aerial camera with a professional 4/3 CMOS sensor and 24mm lens in a slim and compact format especially for the DJI Mavic 3. This enables the capture of 20MP photos in 12-bit RAW format and 5.1K video at 50 fps and 4K at 120 fps.

The larger image sensor gives the Mavic 3 higher video resolution and dynamic range, effectively suppressing noise in low-light environments. A native dynamic range of 12.8 f-stops helps retain more detail in highlights and shadows, preserve rich visual information with a greater sense of depth, and elevate images to a professional level. The adjustable aperture from f/2.8 to f/11 optimizes aerial photographers in a wide range of lighting conditions and achieves sharper as well as clearer images. In addition, the “Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution” (HNCS) ensures natural and vibrant colors even in dull weather. Photos with a resolution of 20 megapixels impress with amazing depth, high color fidelity and hardly any image noise.

The telephoto camera uses a ½-inch CMOS sensor and a sevenx zoom lens. Together with the digital zoom, up to 28x magnification is possible. Up to 4K recordings (H.264/H265) with 30 FPS are possible with this camera.

Intelligent modes for unlimited possibilities

The Mavic 3 offers a range of new intelligent modes for creating and editing stunning photos and videos by controlling the flight path and camera movements in impressive ways. MasterShots, for example, lets you launch automatic flight paths and camera moves. After filming, the app immediately cuts the resulting videos together – including music and effects. QuickTransfer makes it possible to save and process files on the mobile device without having to connect to the remote control. And Panorama mode lets you stitch and edit images directly through the drone, without the DJI Fly app and without manual post-processing.

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