DJI Mavic 3

Flying “eye” with rapid flight characteristics

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Like its predecessor, the Mavic 2, the Mavic 3 sets new standards in the drone market and literally lifts the hearts of film and aviation fans. More camera, more speed, more safety, more range, more flying fun – DJI developers have optimized the Mavic 3 in all relevant areas for unparalleled flight performance and superior…

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Zusammen mit unserem Partner 3DS-Scan, der Software-Programme für Vermessungs- & GIS-Daten, CAD-Pläne und Revit-Modelle in höchster Qualität bietet, haben wir einen Damm Stausee mit einer DJI Zenmuse L1 digital vermessen.

L1 Project dam reservoir

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Project Description: Together with our partner 3DS-Scan, which offers software programs for surveying & GIS data, CAD plans and Revit models in highest quality, we digitally surveyed a dam reservoir with a DJI Zenmuse L1. What is a dam reservoir: A dam Reservoir or fill dam is the shut-off structure of a dam or impoundment…

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Action 2

New actioncam DJI Action 2 inspires with minimalist design and impressive functionality

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DJI has only saved on the size of its brand new action camera DJI Action 2. The super-compact cubist (39 x 39 x 22.3 mm) housing made of an extremely robust aluminum alloy contains concentrated video and photo power to ensure that not a single second of the most spectacular action moments is missed. The…

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RealityCapture – Photogrammetry Software

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RealityCapture is a photogrammetry software with which extremely high-resolution, photorealistic 3D models can be generated from photo and laser scan data. It can work with terrestrial close-up imagery as well as aerial imagery (UAV & aircraft). The advantage of the software is its speed and low hardware requirements – the program does not necessarily need…

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Smart tracking

EZVIZ is a global leader in home intelligence, providing products with next-generation AI capabilities and product features.

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Home Intelligence solutions from EZVIZ – these include indoor and outdoor WiFi security cameras, smart doorbells and smart lighting such as WLAN LED lamps. With the help of artificial intelligence for person recognition or functions such as night vision in color, EZVIZ enables high-quality security and video surveillance of indoor areas of one’s own home…

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OBSBOT and Z Cam tested by VIDEOAKTIV

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By filmmakers for filmmakers: The trade magazine Videoaktiv reports on all topics relevant to filmmakers. Thanks to many years of practical experience, the editorial team writes particularly well-founded tests with a great deal of technical background knowledge, making it the undisputed best-selling trade magazine in the German-speaking world for many years. In its current issue,…

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kv2 swc use with explanation


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Hasselblad’s history began as a provocative challenge to produce a better camera. In 1941, Hasselblad did just that, releasing its first camera, the HK-7. From then on, Hasselblad continued to reimagine camera technology and break photographic norms. Hasselblad cameras have been trusted by photographers for 80 years, capturing countless iconic moments and touching stories. Now…

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Solectric new cooperation partner of Eskimo Callboy

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From now on we provide Eskimo Callboy with high-quality camera technology for music videos, vlogs and behind the scenes. There’s a lot of camera technology in music nowadays, too. Whether in the studio, at a music video shoot or on stage – cameras and drones allow viewers to get up close and personal from every…

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Whether camping in the wilderness, at events, on film productions, working on the road or at home in your own four walls – with EcoFlow’s powerful Power Stations, you’ll always have the outlet at hand. The portable charging stations of the DELTA and RIVER series are the most innovative and environmentally friendly power solutions in…

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Create stunning drawings with XP-PEN Artist Pro 16 TP

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Ultimate visual experience with 4K With 4K resolution, the XP-PEN Artist Pro 16TP offers entirely new possibilities for drawing artists. Let your creativity run wild with this tablet and create works of art that are second to none. Stunning image quality With a color gamut on 92% Adobe RGB and 124% sRGB, the new XP-PEN…

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