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100% IFA(tainment)

1024 683 Solectric GmbH

IFA is back again – both as a platform and as a constant for the global tech industry. For almost 100 years, the most exciting innovations have been on show under the Berlin Radio Tower: Retailers, media and consumers find out what will determine our everyday lives in the future. More than two years of…

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OBSBOT Tail Air: Mastermind on Air

1024 614 Solectric GmbH

With Tail Air, OBSBOT brings an AI-controlled PTZ streaming camera into the market that offers an unparalleled livestream experience with its AI capabilities. It has exceptional AI capabilities and uses AI Auto Tracking to track the desired target, controls the video with AI Director Grids, and remotely relays commands with enhanced Gesture Control 2.0. AI…

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Makeblock xTool P2 Laserbox: Versatile and smart desktop CO2 laser cutter

1024 576 Solectric GmbH

Makeblock xTool P2 Laserbox: An eco-friendly laser cutter designed specifically for the educational and creative sectors. Many new features show an impressive level of innovation and intelligence, offering users a breakthrough experience. The successor to the Makeblock Laserbox Rotary represents a powerful upgrade: More powerful laser output of 55 W (instead of at 40 W).…

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Hasselblad XCD 4/28P: Lightweight wide-angle lens for street photography

1024 427 Solectric GmbH

The XCD 4/28P wide-angle lens corresponds to a focal length of 22 mm and weighs only 245 g and is 43.5 mm long. It has an f/4.0 aperture, making it ideal for street photography. With its superior optical design that offers outstanding image quality and precise focusing technology for instant shooting, the XCD 4/28P captures…

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Drone fans take note: DJI store opens in Olympia shopping center

1024 474 Solectric GmbH

Set it up, press the button and take off: On Friday, August 4th, 2023, the brand new DJI store in the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum (OEZ) in Munich will open its doors. On the opening weekend, there are special highlights: customers benefit from attractive offers and receive a discount on their purchases on Friday and Saturday (new products…

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Formel 1 in der Schule

Mercedes-Benz Customer Center in Sindelfingen, the venue of the German Formula 1 Championship at school in 2023

1024 683 Solectric GmbH

20 teams, each with 3 to 6 students, were able to win the previous regional championships in their state and qualified in the junior or senior age groups. Those who can assert themselves here now can go to Singapore in September for the F1® in Schools World Finals. Those who can assert themselves here now…

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voll automatisierten Drohnenflüge mit dem DJI Dock

We present one of the first fully automated drone flights in Europe

768 1024 Solectric GmbH

The public has not seen this before: We pioneered and performed one of the first fully automated drone flights on the European continent. For this occasion, representatives of print, radio and television as well as online media were cordially invited to join us at the Solectric company premises in Ubstadt-Weiher, Baden-Württemberg. On site, there was…

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Eröffnung DJI Stores München und Oberhausen

New stores approaching: DJI drones will soon take off in Munich & Oberhausen

1024 768 Solectric GmbH

Drone friends in the south and west of the republic can look forward to two DJI stores opening in Munich and Oberhausen later this year. Fans of DJI drones have been making the pilgrimage to Frankfurt am Main since 2017. Since then, the world’s first DJI store in the MyZeil shopping center has been supplying…

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Drone Soccer Käfig auf der Modellbau in Dortmund


1024 683 Solectric GmbH

For movie fans, the game is reminiscent of the Quidditch World Cup from the blockbuster Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The only difference is that it’s not wizard apprentices on a flying broom trying to score a goal, but drone balls surrounded by a protective grid. The game is called drone soccer. The…

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EcoFlow Glacier, EcoFlow Wave 2, EcoFlow Blade

EcoFlow Smart Devices

1024 320 Solectric GmbH

EcoFlow has announced three new products that will be launched in the coming weeks. The first product will be released as early as April 26. EcoFlow Blade, the world’s first smart robotic lawn mower that requires no wires or prior setup. A virtual boundary can be easily set using the EcoFlow app, unlike traditional robotic…

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